DoD Business Development

Let SIE uncover your product’s core capabilities that align with critical DoD needs to better target your business development efforts

We are all about helping your company find expanded business opportunities by discovering valuable capabilities within your product or technology that are of interest to the Department of Defense.

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Our Unique Approach

The government is looking for innovative technologies, products, and services.

Our custom analysis process relates your product's capabilities to specific critical needs within the DoD to align with current or future platform and mission requirements.

We then engage with DoD technical decision makers and work with you to co-present your product's unique capabilities.

Discovering the fundamentals of your product
A tangible systems model is designed to expand your product opportunities.

Our systems engineers take your product or technology through a decomposition process where our team of systems engineers identify key functional capabilities from your product or technology that are needed/required by the DoD.

You receive a detailed report from this analysis outlining how and where your product or technology fits across all relevant DoD acquisition programs or logistic organizations.

Engage with key Department of Defense resources
Direct access to in-depth Department of Defense needs and requirements.

Once we have created the detailed systems report defining your product or technology's key functional capabilities, we then engage with subject matter experts in DoD organizations who are responsible for acquiring , adapting, or developing critical technical competencies.

Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure that your technical presentation is relevant and meets the necessary requirements before we conduct a joint meeting with the appropriate DoD technical experts.

Partnering for future opportunities
A continuously evolving roadmap of your product's journey.

Our team continues to support your company by providing an evolving roadmap of your product and service capabilities related to specific DoD requirements.

We also partner with your development team to repurpose your product or its components. We recommend technologies that will enhance your product, allowing you to minimize development costs and better position your product for long-term success.