Systems Engineering Services


Whether your product is at the development stage, needs to integrate new technology, or requires a complete upgrade with new architecture, SIE provides comprehensive systems engineering services for your product through its entire life cycle.

To expand your product’s growth opportunities, we develop a systems model that identifies key functionalities and current and future capabilities to assess its competitiveness and viability in other markets.

Our mission is to reduce risks and increase efficiency for your business by improving your product through our systems engineering process outlined below.

Building a Systems Engineering Model

New Technology: If you have an idea or concept for a new technology, our team develops a systems model outlining the best features, capabilities, and functionality for your future product.

Product Development: Our systems engineering experts become part of your development team and take your product through a decomposition process that identifies key functional capabilities at a conceptual and detailed level and provides detailed reports and system models.

Future Proofing Your System

Our team helps you to apply "future proofing" application methods to your product's system to outline areas for potential compatibility with future technologies to maintain product performance and reliability in an evolving technological market.

Replacing with Current Technology

When your product needs an upgrade, SIE performs a functional analysis to adapt your product to a new architecture that will preserve and enhance its capability and bring in newer technologies resulting in lower costs, reduced size, and improved performance.

Retained Services

Using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), SIE operates as your in-house systems engineering function to help your organization meet its financial goals by ensuring your system is both affordable to produce and easily supportable and upgradable to sustain your competitive position in the marketplace.

    We develop a conceptual model that defines the structure and behavior of your product or system from a variety of different views to make it more affordable to produce, support and upgrade in order to stay relevant to your customers.
    Our services distribute your product's system documents into clear requirement statements that are testable to develop verification methodologies. These methodologies lead to specific verification programs that include planning and procedures.
    We create, update, and maintain a behavioral analysis for your company that represents your product's functional control, sequences, and general informational flow.
    Our mission engineers perform an analysis on your product to develop mission and capabilities needs, or we define a system that currently meets prescribed missions and capability alignments.
    Our engineers perform an interaction analysis on your product to identify the logical interfaces that connect it to an outside world for direct applications within the DoD.
    We structure custom proposals that apply systems engineering principles that are necessary to achieve open, modular architectures and future proofing.
    Our logistics engineers conduct an analysis on your product to determine all of its features including but not limited to: size, weight, power, reliability, maintainability, availability of source supply, materials required to support the product, etc.