Systems Design & Product Support

Weapon System Program Delivery

By leveraging open architecture principles and ensuring a resilient supply chain, SIE enhances system capabilities to maximize performance in delivering high reliability weapon systems.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Software Solutions

Through innovative software solutions, SIE can assess supplier risks and identify alternative suppliers to ensure supply chain resiliency, enhancing overall system affordability and sustainability.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Implementation

SIE employs the latest techniques in MBSE, optimizing efficiency and system design in complex development projects. Our MBSE approach simplifies system design, facilitates collaboration, reduces errors, and ensures consistent documentation, leading to robust, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Engineering

SIE delivers Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) engineering services and software solutions, with an emphasis on complex high availability systems. Our expert team works to ensure that your systems not only perform reliably over time, but are also designed for ease of maintenance and high availability. Through our R&M engineering services, we enable our clients to maximize the uptime of their systems, ultimately boosting operational efficiency and mission readiness.