Supplier Capabilities Analytics & Reporting (SCAR)

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in the Defense Industrial Base

Saves Money. Saves Time. Saves Resources.

Supplier Capabilities Analytics and Reporting (SCAR) is an innovative Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) solution that assures industrial resiliency in specific components and subsystems that are critical to aerospace and defense systems.

This unique Software as a Service (SaaS) tool takes into account the system design and product requirements in order to assure a system or product is manufacturable and sustainable.

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Improve Supply Chain Resiliency

1. Identify Second Sources
  • Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on searching for alternative suppliers
  • Easily compare product specifications and supplier capabilities
2. Optimize System Design Decisions
  • Identify tradeoffs during the design process to better define equipment specifications based on system requirements
  • Assure all components of a system are capable of being procured
3. Gain Better Insight into the Defense Industrial Base
  • Obtain visibility of potential suppliers for specific components and subsystems
  • Identify the resiliency of critical system supply chains
4. Mitigate Supply Chain Risks
  • Indicate foreign dependencies where there are no domestic sources for materials or products
  • Identify single or sole source risks where there are no competitive suppliers
5. Assure Product Sustainability
  • Identify any gaps and assess market risks to assure longevity of systems
  • Design products with an understanding of potential supply chain risks

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Find Alternative Sources Faster

The SCAR database uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to define, ingest, and aggregate product and company capabilities. The continuously updating database allows users to adapt their system design and make informed decisions based on the current supply chain.

SCAR functions by containing a parametric search on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)/government off-the-shelf (GOTS) equipment and a parametric search on company capabilities for full visibility into the Defense Industrial Base.

For specific government requirements, SCAR has the capability to operate in an Impact Level 5 (IL5) cloud environment.


PTC LiveWorx SCAR Introduction

Watch SIE’s Field Application Engineer, Morgan Miller, introduce SCAR at PTC LiveWorx 2023.

Using SCAR To Source Products

Watch how SCAR can be used to search and filter for COTS products based on design specifications.

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