Supplier Capabilities Analytics & Reporting (SCAR)

What is SCAR?

SCAR is an innovative Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that assists users in creating and sustaining a resilient supply chain.

SCAR leverages machine learning to ingest, analyze, and aggregate supplier capability data, which is used to inform system design and supply chain decisions.

Product Supportability

  • • Designing with a resilient supply chain
  • • Full visibility into industrial base
  • • Recognize foreign dependencies

Identify Second Source Opportunities

  • • Easy comparisons across products or suppliers
  • • Reduce resources needed—time and money

Supply Chain Resiliency

  • • Mitigate supply chain risks by identifying alternative sources
  • • Provides insight and analytics around supplier capabilities

Full Visibility Into Industrial Base

  • • Data validated by subject matter experts
  • • Assessments of overall markets
  • • Visibility into all potential suppliers for specific parts, components, or subsystems
SCAR SMEs Graphic