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SIE is committed to supplying achievable solutions, helping you to build, strengthen, and support your supply chain.

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Innovation & Implementation

At Systems Innovation Engineering we believe that innovative support and it's successful implementation are critical to sustain mission readiness, meet problems with achievable and affordable solutions, and demonstrate products' key capabilities. SIE is committed to achieving these objectives with product support innovation and implementation through readiness as a service, outcome-based sustainment, and the application of the digital thread through life.

Product Support Innovation

Outcome-Based Sustainment • Readiness as a Service (RaaS)

Mission Readiness at a Fixed Price

Product Support Implementation

Application of the Digital Thread Through Life

Developed through engineering analysis Refined through design and development Modulated with reality Perfected with age

Through the use of our SCAR software and services, our customers are designing in resiliency and reducing risk within their supply chains.

Determine your supply chain options, risks, and required investment based on a specification, capability, or function.

Expand your suppliers at the touch of a button
Given a specification, capability, or function, SCAR will provide you with a list of suppliers and the necessary data to inform supply chain decisions.

SIE provides a common taxonomy for supply chain data input with additional services available to support customer supplier selection, requirements trade offs, & risk analysis.

Results based on SIE's ability to analyze supplier:

1. Lead times & capacity

2. Manufacturing & design capabilities

3. Available products

4. Market risks

Understand your supply chain risks

SCAR provides the data necessary to analyze the risk level associated with:

1. Foreign investment & influence

2. Production capacity

3. Domestic market capability

4. Single & sole domestic courses